Registry First Aid Platinum 11.0.1 Build 2433 + keygen

Registry First Aid Platinum 11.0.1 Build 2433 + keygen direct download

Registry First Aid Platinum 11.0.1 Build 2433 + keygen

Registry First Aid scans and corrects registry errors. Your Windows registry shall be constantly correct and clean. it help scans registry for orphan file~ Folders are not allowed ~ references, invalid font references, obsolete Start Menu items, invalid fonts, provided DLLs, application paths and more. Registry First assistance – keep your PC fast and dependable! It Windows registry for orphan file~ Folders aren’t permitted ~ references, finds these files or files in your drives which can be own was moved from their locations that are initial and then corrects your registry entries to fit the positioned files or folders.

In addition, if your registry has links to files of deleted applications, Registry First help will find these entries that are invalid eliminate them from your registry. With Registry First Aid, your Windows registry shall be always proper and neat, assisting your programs load faster and speeding your computer.

Not totally all software un-installations do work that is complete behind numerous file that is nagging in the Windows registry pointing to files that no longer exist. Over time, you can to end up getting hundreds of these files that will slow your computer down and cause pc software to lock up, requiring a reboot that is difficult of computer. Additionally, the file are broken by you links that an application needs if you’ve relocated your programs from a single drive to some other. Registry First assistance will see these files and folders you correct the registry entries that point you’ve relocated on your difficult drive and help out them that.

What’s  new?

Bugfix: a mistake might come in the Settings dialog on editing an excluded registry key;

bugfix: then your “Restart as Administrator” dialog will perhaps not appear if this program ended up being started aided by the “/autoscan” demand line parameter and from simple individual account;

brand new splash and images which are install

Invalid File Associations category: now more registry entries are scanned;

on uninstall it now will perhaps not ask user if to delete folder that is backup it’ll just open backup folder in file explorer and recommend to review files and delete them manually;

a notification about finishing any procedure that is long shown at the taskbar notification area if the application is not active;

bugfix: on resize or after cancelling maximize window the treeview controls may became invisible;

Bugfix: custom pop-up dialogs interrupted user’s assist other applications although the scheduled system is running during the background;

Invalid File Associations category: detect invalid entries that may prevent from running files which can be executable

bug fix: Registry Snapshots: access violation on reading snapshots without remark (comment was kept empty in the dialog);

Setup now will perhaps not require Start Menu team where you can save shortcuts;

A bug that is small in checking modification outcomes for entries – often some entries may be successfuly corrected but reported as “failed to modify”;

Invalid Uninstall Records category: improved scanning that detects secrets without needed values; unused subkeys; invalid value kinds;

Brand new software, new icons;

Invalid Uninstall Records category: unknown secrets and unknown non-empty values are marked as of medium safety (danger) level;

InvalidActiveX/COM References category: detect tips that don’t have any one of needed values and possess no sub keys;

Some insects which are minor;

Office 365 tips are relocated from high danger list to the standard excluded list;

bug fix: selection checkbox was not set when individual manually set the modification that is same had been selected (except “leave as is”);

Always set selection checkbox for an entry if it is correction was changed manually, irrespective of risk degree;

Registry Restore from .reg Files: search in .reg files now works in “full tree” mode also;

Registry Restore from .reg Files: save your self and read dates of .reg backup file creation/restore in digital format that is not based on user locale settings, old format that is human-readable formerly developed backups is still supported when reading files;

bug fix: the Settings dialog initial position ended up being at the very first system screen, now the initial position is at the exact same monitor while the system window that is main

Bug fix: progress indicator had not been shown during the scheduled program taskbar button;

brand new grouping included: by correction type; refresh on F5 if some corrections were changed by individual;

Pop-up menu is included with the groups which are left-side; it allows to create mass choices of entries in a group – in a category, in a safety degree, filtered team, etc.;

Bug fix: in representing file sizes a comma was utilized as thousands separator, perhaps not individual settings that are locale.


Quickly finds these files or folders on your drives (if they’re moved from initial locations).

  • Registry First Aid scans registry for orphan file/folder references.

Here are simply some for the great options that come with Registry First Aid:

  • If your registry nevertheless retains links to files of deleted applications, Registry First Aid will find these entries which are invalid help you to effortlessly eliminate them.
  • Corrects registry entries towards the located objects.
  • Easy to utilize step by action Wizard type user interface.


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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Registry First Aid Platinum 11.0.1 Build 2433 + keygen

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